About us

Who is Unbrickable by Brickworkz

Unbrickable has over a million Lego pieces in stock for AFOL fans who love creating projects. As a social enterprise, their goal is to bring the fun of Lego to everyone while helping youngsters learn and grow. With a focus on social responsibility, Unbrickable is the perfect place to let your imagination run wild and make a positive impact on the world.


Our mission

Unbrickable provides part-time job opportunities for young peers aged 13 to 23, who face challenges due to conditions like autism/ADHD or high intelligence.
Our Foundation allows them to develop their professional and social skills while earning an income outside of school hours.
We are committed to assisting them in gaining independence, discovering their unique talents, and improving their social abilities.
Our supportive work environment is similar to any other, offering additional guidance from care proffesionals whenever necessary.
These part-time jobs enable peers to gain valuable experience and supplement their education with practical skills and income.


more information : Brickworkz.nlLast Updated: 21 Apr 2023